Websites Built and Designed by Brooke

I have been building blogs and websites since 2012. I have a strong passion for the challenge that programming brings to the table, and love seeing my digital visions come to life. I also write content for the sites that I design. The below websites were built by me for a range of clients - from hospitality to healthcare. In March 2017, I began a web development apprenticeship with Bloc. I will graduate in April of 2018 and will have full capabilities and knowledge of a web engineer. Those projects are in this portfolio, too.

Keep checking back for more work - I'm always coding something new. 

Click the images of the websites below to see the full-scale versions. 

The Downtown Cleveland Residents Association

This was such a fun website to complete - especially since I’m a downtown CLE resident myself. This website was completed in 6 weeks. I designed, developed and wrote some of the content on the site.

Cafe Sausalito

Cafe Sausalito was a re-build of an outdated, unresponsive site. My  client was looking for something fresh and sleek to match his restaurant's interior design. He also was opening more businesses - including a catering company, so that work needed to be added into his online portfolio. 

Mad macs lakewood

My mouth was watering the entire time I was building this site. I love the way it turns out. Such a fun, creative idea for a restaurant that was needed in Lakewood. The sense of humor is the best. They have super fun events and their menu is ingenious/cute. Check them out!

The Hearing Center

Ohio Head and Neck Surgeons opened The Hearing Center in April of 2017. They wanted a site that was user friendly and responsive, since most of their patients would be looking for their services on a phone. The easy to click appointment banner has served them well! 

Companion Magazine for IBD

When I created Companion Magazine for IBD in October of 2013, I knew that I wanted to have a site that could host the issues of CM, but also one that could display content. Companion's website acts as a placeholder for all 6 issues, and a place that patients from all around the world can turn to for support and informative articles.

Bloc Jams

Bloc Jams is the first site I've built completely from scratch using HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and jQuery. This was the first large-scale assignment from the coding bootcamp I'm in the middle of an apprenticeship with - Bloc. Bloc Jams is a fully functional web-based music player with a sleek design and original iconography.

Check it out! 


Datefit is a fitness oriented dating application that will be live by December 2017. I built the Datefit site using custom CSS and HTML. The Datefit site is modern and clean, and implements parallax scrolling with visually appealing colors and images. Datefit also has custom forms that send messages straight to other CMS software applications that the company uses to manage social influencers

The site you're currently on! I'm a versatile professional - with experience in freelance services that range from social media to website design and management. I wanted a website that could serve as my online portfolio. is another place for my personal blog to live, too. A one-stop-shop for all of my work and writing. 

Fiercely Flared

The first site I ever built - my original blog Fiercely Flared. The word "Fiercely" is defined in the dictionary as "with heartfelt power and intensity." That's exactly how I plan to live the rest of my second chance at life. With passion, power, and intensity that comes from the heart. Fiercely Flared brings together my 3 passions - web development, writing, and advocacy work for the IBD community. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 9.18.13 PM.png

Companion Magazine for IBD
[UPDATED December 2017}

Companion Magazine needed a serious facelift, so I gave it one. Without the time (or the resources) to publish full page-turning issues any more. Now, we have an online community, where I am vetting, editing, and publishing new content almost daily. We have quite a large following on social media and never have a lack of people who are willing to contribute. I'm so proud to be able to help further spread awareness and provide a platform where IBD and GI patients feel respected and heard.