What's Life Like with a Jpouch?

Brooke Bogdan shares how her life has changed after surgery and what she does to stay healthy.

A few weeks after my ulcerative colitis diagnosis, I began blogging in an effort to inform other people who might feel unsure about life with UC. When I mentioned on my site that I'd undergone an ileal pouch-anal anastomosis (IPAA) surgery series, which involved three major operations to remove my colon and construct my J-pouch, the most common question I received on social media was “What’s life like with a J-pouch?”

Questions like that plagued me for the weeks and days leading up to my surgery, too. Am I going to feel as good as I do with my ostomy? Will I have to go back to running to the bathroom every five minutes? What will it feel like when I do have to go to the bathroom? Will it be excruciatingly painful, like it was before my ostomy? I wondered about all of these things but there seemed to be no answers.

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