freelance services & Pricing

  • All pricing is negotiable based on project needs and budget. Final pricing will be determined after a free 30-minute consultation.

  • All services can be flat-rated or placed onto a contracted retainer between myself and the client.

  • My freelance services are payable bi-weekly through my Google Pay account.

  • Pricing will differentiate due to reporting and scheduling tools that may be required for certain projects and campaigns.

  • I'm happy to bring my portfolio of work in all areas listed below to the introductory consultation.

Social Media Management

Starting at $40/hr

From creating a thorough, creative, and original plan to executing management and content creation, social media is a crucial part of any growing business. I have experience writing plans, calendars, and planning deadlines for success across all social media platforms. My social media management services include, but are not limited to: content creation, follower growth, social advertising & scheduling, and creating strategic plans and editorial calendars.

Digital Marketing

Starting at $45/hr

Digital marketing is an umbrella term for all of your online marketing efforts. I can help your business leverage digital channels such as Google search, social media, email, and your website to connect with your current and prospective customers.

Public relations

Starting at $40/hr

Having an element of public relations involved at any stage of your business and/or brand is important for growth, reputation, and awareness. I can help you build your brand messaging, a media list that  fits who you are trying to reach, and writing PR plans and strategic calendars so that we stay on top of your goals. My PR services include, but are not limited to: writing press releases and content for collateral, building media lists, pitching your top announcements to the media, coordinating media appearances and interviews, and helping keep your brands image positive on the internet and through social media. 

"Marketing the modern way." Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is an integral part of any digital marketing strategy; a focused element of an overall holistic approach to driving customers to your business via online platforms. I have user friendly tools and an ability to explain SEO and analytic results in a way that will help you understand the "why" of the importance of utilizing digital marketing an social media strategies as a major part of growing your business. 

SEO & Analytic Reporting

Starting at $45/hr


Having a responsive, well-thought out website is necessary for every profitable business. Without a website that is up-to-date and properly maintained, your brands reputation could suffer and your SEO rankings will ultimately decline. I have the ability to build small-scale websites over a determined time-period between the business and myself. I also possess the ability to maintain your website or blog through any CMS. My website development and maintenance services include, but are not limited to: small-scale web development, web development project coordination with a partner developer source, content creation, website consulting and recommendation, and social media and Google analytics implementation. I have my Master’s degree in web engineering and development.

Website Development & Maintenance

Starting at $85/hr


Please Note - for all above projects, I offer a FREE 30-minute consultation. After that consultation, if the client agrees to move forward, I will need 50% of the estimated cost of any agreed upon work up front.


For questions or to set up a meeting, please send me an email at, you can also contact me through the form located on my contact page, or by clicking here.

I look forward to hearing about your goals and how I can help you achieve success.