Emma Chapple

Emma was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2007, when she was thirteen years old.  What began as a mild case soon turned severe in 2009, and Emma spent the next three years in and out of the hospital.  In 2011 – three days before her 17th birthday – she was given an ileostomy.

Emma is a journalist-turned-law student and thinks it's safe to call herself an illness advocate as well.  She wants to take her negative experience and use it to help other young adults living with IBD.  After balancing a recurrence of her disease and a long recovery from surgery with a demanding college schedule, Emma thinks she knows a bit about life in the Crohn's lane.

Through her work with Companion Magazine and her blog, My Beautiful Messy Life, Emma aims to give honest and sassy advice on how to deal with a not-so-glamorous disease.