Brooke Bogdan

Brooke was first diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in April of 2012. After many months of misdiagnosis and undiagnosed parasites, she was determinately diagnosed with pancolitis in October 2012. She suffered immensely with colitis until July 2013, when she had her colon removed urgently at the Cleveland Clinic. Brooke completed the 3 step surgery process in February of 2014 and is now living a healthy life with a j-pouch.

Brooke graduated with honors from Otterbein University in June 2011 with a degree in public relations. She currently maintains her own blog about her life with IBD called, "Fiercely Flared."

Brooke came up with the idea of Companion Magazine when she found it inspiring and helpful to read about others journey's with IBD. It helped her relate and cope with her diagnosis and she knew that she wanted to help people in a fun, creative way. She hopes to continue Companion Magazine so that it can help and inspire people with inflammatory bowel disease all over the world!