Downtown Cleveland Residents Association Website Build

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Estimated Cost: $800, includes content
Estimated Timeline: 2-week long build after 50% down payment of $400 is received

  • If work needs to extend past the 10-hour quote, Brooke will estimate remainder of time needed and charge will be hourly

  • All extra time (if needed) will be approved by client before work to begin

  • Once site is complete, a final review of dev site will take place

  • When site is approved, the remaining balance of site needs to be paid before site is pushed live 

Site Wire Frame

Home Section Needs - this section will act as the homepage and will show up first when the URL is entered.

  • Visually appealing, hi-res images of downtown Cleveland. This image should set the tone for the rest of the website.

  • 2-3 sentences introducing the DCRA and what makes it unique, why it’s needed.

  • A paragraph or two of more information (keep it general) about the association so that if needed, I can pull from there if there needs to be filler text placed.

Background on the DCRA

  • History of the association and why it started, how it started, and who founded it

  • Why it’s important

  • This content should be no longer than 4-5 sentences long

  • Any photo or cool visual of downtown can work here

Calendar of Events

  • Where do you pull this from? Does Destination Cleveland help with this? I’ll just need any events you would like plugged into the calendar for the next 3-6 months

  • I want this calendar to be simple, but interactive and easy to update

Highlighted Hot Spots Downtown // Local Hot Spots (Just brainstorming here)

  • Just an idea -but this could be a really cool way to keep the site AND social media interactive and engaging. You could highlight 3-5 bars (or however many, I wouldn’t go above 5) and restaurants every month. As a downtown resident myself, I love to participate in stuff like this.

  • Maybe residents can enter their favorite spots downtown via Instagram by tagging the DCRA account in their post.

  • We could feature the chosen residents photo and their Instagram handles on the site, along with all of the restaurants information (link to their site and social media handles, name and address).

  • Could do the same with parks or other leisure areas around Cleveland.

  • This campaign could keep the site visits up and increase the social following all while gaining user-created content.

  • Anything that you can do like this that is an on-going “contest” is great for brand awareness.

  • This would also get the businesses involved, as they would post on their social suggesting visitors to come in, take pictures, and tag the DCRA.

  • I see this being a gallery with the information popping up when you hover over the image.

Communities - I see this being split up by location

  • That way users can click on the desired area of where they want to live.

  • List of residential complexes

  • Websites for the property management or the website for the specific building

  • Hi-res images of the properties

  • Phone Numbers

Residential Construction

  • List of what’s being built and where

  • Images of progress on these projects

  • Estimated time of completion

  • Links to the websites of locations that are being built (if they have one). Or, link to property management site.

Membership Information and Benefits

  • Anything that members need to know, or information for people who may want to join the association.

  • Imagery from past association events or gatherings

  • Are there planning meetings? If so, information about topics discussed at planning meetings along with dates, locations, and times of upcoming meetings.

  • Who to contact for more information about membership (Name, Email, Phone Number)

  • Do you have meetings that I should have a calendar for?


  • List of sponsors and their websites and social media handles

  • Sponsor logos (hi-res, no blurry logos, preferably in PNG format)

  • A sentence or two about how you can become a sponsor

  • A form that interested sponsors can fill out to inquire about becoming one

  • What email address will this form go to?

Board Members

  • Professional head shots of all board members that you’d like listed

  • First and last name

  • Preferred method of contact (email or phone number)

  • Title

Contact Us

  • This is always straightforward - what email do you want the form submissions to go to?

  • Subscribe to Newsletter - where do you want the email addresses to go to?

  • Social Media Connection

  • DCRA Blog